About the Conference

A gathering of academic researchers and industry partners propelling microbiome research discoveries into commercial applications. An opportunity for companies to find collaborators and share their areas of interest. An opportunity for academic researchers to tell industry partners about their discoveries and research interests.

Hosted By: The Microbiome Center and the Polsky Center at the University of Chicago

Who Should Attend: Academic researchers and innovators, life sciences companies, as well as venture and philanthropic partners

Contact Matthew Martin, Microbiome Innovation & Ventures Lead, at matthewrmartin@uchicago.edu

2017 Speakers

2017 Conference Photos


The University of Chicago

Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
The Microbiome Center
Biological Discovery in Woods Hole
Argonne National Laboratory

2017 Agenda Overview

10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. PROGRAM Welcome -- Matt Martin, The University of Chicago Keynote Address Translating Microbiome Science, Jack Gilbert, The University of Chicago
Session I Panel: Probiotics, regulation, and the roles of science and marketing - Josh Steven, DayTwo - Gregory Lambert, TargEDys - Martha Carlin, The BioCollective - Larry Weiss, AOBiome - Moderator: Steve Gould, Abundant Venture Partners
Session II Research Talks - Eugene Chang, The University of Chicago - John Alverdy, The University of Chicago - Jackie Papkoff, Evelo Biosciences
Lunch - John Colson, ClostraBio - Monica Vajani, AVnovum - Mark Spizer, Gusto Global
Session III Areas of Interest and Partnering Strategy - Jack Chen, AbbVie - Dario Gutierrez, Merck - Bryan Barnhart, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Session IV - A Models of Collaboration: Opportunities and lessons learned from spinouts and licenses - Lev Becker, The University of Chicago with Deb Nguyen, Cellular Approaches - Thomas Gajewski, The University of Chicago with Brian Goodman, Evelo Biosciences
Session IV - B Research Talks - Erika Claud, The University of Chicago - Philippe Noirot, Argonne National Laboratory - Chris Howerton, Assembly Biosciences - F. Stephen Laroux, AbbVie
Session V Poster and Networking Session
8:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. PROGRAM Recap of Day 1 Erin Lane, The University of Chicago Innovation Ecosystems John Flavin, The University of Chicago
Session I Panel: Solving Common Challenges to Commercialize Microbiome Therapeutics - Arpita Maiti, Pfizer - Jonathan Freeman, Vedanta Biosciences - Gary Wu, University of Pennsylvania - Micah Mackison, Assembly Biosciences - Denise Kelly, Seventure
Session II Research Talks - Cathryn Nagler, The University of Chicago - Travis Whitfill, Azitra - Oni Basu, Argonne National Laboratory
Session III Keynote Address Assessing Business Strategies in the Microbiome Space, Bob Kody, 3M
Lunch - Denise Kelly, Seventure
Session IV - A Research Talks - Savas Tay, The University of Chicago - Ricardo Valladares, Siolta Therapeutics - Jessica Mark Welch, The Marine Biological Laboratory
Session IV - B Research Talks - John Slattery, Aces Health - A. Murat Eren (Meren), The University of Chicago - Tao Pan, The University of Chicago


Polsky Exchange – Theater, 2nd floor
1452 E 53rd St., Chicago, IL 60615